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1. Please make sure that when you reply to a post, the post you write is relevant to the original topic. If you have something to say that does not go under the topic, it is better to start a new topics. If you really don't have anything to say, it is better to leave it be.

2. Postings to the board must add something to the dialog. A post that says, simply, "Ha ha!" or "Me too!" does not accomplish this, and is simply wasteful.

3. This is a discussion board, and not a chat room. One-to-one conversations have no business here, and will be deleted. Private conversations with other users should be conducted via e-mail, instant messenger, or telephone, out of respect to the people that don't want to read private conversations.

4. Starting a new thread (as opposed to posting to an existing one) is a major action to take, and must not be treated lightly. First, it should be determined that the forum being posted to is the appropriate one. Second, it's necessary to read the first few pages of threads, to see if the topic has been covered.

5. drmowinckel.com will not tolerate trolls. People who post expressly for the purpose of getting a rise out of people or creating trouble will be summarily banned without any sort of warning.

6. No flaming. Although there may be factual evidence that somebody's parents were not married at the time of their conception, that somebody is a waste of carbon, or that their sexual history is less than stellar, there is never any reason to provide this information to the general public.

7. Discussion of private aspects of the lives of Kaizers Orchestra, its family members and its employees is not permitted. Any information brought into the public realm by the band is acceptable, but providing directions to the homes of band members (for example) most definitely is not.

8. It is always good and helpful to post to a duplicate thread and politely point out that there's an existing thread for the topic. Providing a link to the proper thread is even better. Criticism of people that provide this service is not acceptable.

9. The drmowinckel.com boards provide a list of threads in descending order of when they were most recently posted to. The act of posting to a thread solely for the purpose of getting it to the top of the list, known as "topping a thread," is an abuse of this system. If a thread has both weight and merit, then it will get discussed; there's no need to artificially stimulate this.

10. Please write in either one of the Norwegian written languages, Bokmål or Nynorsk, or Danish, Swedish or English. Writing in Norwegian dialects only creates confusion and misunderstanding, so please avoid it.

11. Be cool, be nice.

Adopted from nancies.org

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